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What is a Giclee (G-Clay) Print?

A Giclee is a limited edition, fine art print produced with continuous tone ink jet technology on a variety  of media, including watercolor, canvas, textured and smooth fine art papers. The overriding theme is quality and light stability. A Giclee print is produced by a slow, meticulous process which requires the skills of a master printer to produce museum quality prints. Special equipment and techniques produce the best color accuracy, sharpness, continuous tone and artistic representation available. Giclee, therefor, refers to the process by which the print is produced, NOT the subject of, or the process by which, the original work is produced.  Giclee prints may represent original paintings, photographs, sketches, etc. 


Many museums in the US and abroad exhibit, purchase, and sell Giclee prints.  An increasing number of distinguished painters and photographers have Giclees of their work including Andrew Wyeth,  Jamie Wyeth, David Hockney, Chuck Close, and Richard Avedon. 

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