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Great Adventure Part 8

I finally put together summary statistics of trip from Chesapeake to Muskegon, MI.

Calendar Days: 33, June 1 - July 3

Cruising Days: 25, 8 days lost due to weather/repairs

Statute Miles: 1425.48 (approx.)

Total Fuel (diesel): 648.37 gal.

Total Engine Hours: 189 hrs.

Fuel Consumption: 3.43 gal/hr  .45 gal/mile (averages)

Speed: 7.5 miles/hr. (average)

Progress: 57 miles/day (average)


       Fuel: $2341.20 (total)

                        3.61/gal (average)

                       12.38/hr. (average)

                         1.64/mile (average)

       Food: $1646.21 (total)

       Slips/Docks: $986.83 (total)

       Permits: $210.95 (total)

       Miscellaneous: $1711.25 (buoys, charts, other stuff) (total)

Total Costs: $6896.44 (this does not include cost of vessel preparation)

Coming into Muskegon Harbor channel

So, all in all it was a great adventure and learning experience. Not as expensive as I estimated. Still going through photos and notes. Will eventually produce more comprehensive documentation of trip.  

Any questions or comments welcome. Thanks for tagging along.

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