Clipper Cup 2018

Photos are available for purchase in virtually any size printed on photopaper, fine art paper, or canvas. Contact Richard by phone or email (see above) or use the order form on this site. 

Photographs are identified by vessel sail number and/or name. Only partial numbers were available for some vessels . Click on the thumbnail photograph below to see all of the photos of that vessel. 
Vessel 08
Vessel 34
Vessel 39
Vessel 54
Vessel 85 Spectra
Vessel 148 Aequitas
Vessel 230
Vessel 285
Vessel 717
Vessel 814
Vessel 1518
Vessel 1618
Vessel 3169
Vessel 23230
Vessel 25005
Vessel 28380
Vessel 30304
Vessel 31462 Whisper
Vessel 32142 H45
Vessel 32151 Abbie
Vessel 33539
Vessel 40048
Vessel 40113 Mystic
Vessel 40147 Ace's Dream
Vessel 40431 Sea Hawk
Vessel 40858
Vessel 40888
Vessel 41899 Dream Buoy
Vessel 42082
Vessel 42330 Bravo
Vessel 50048 Main Street
Vessel 50887 Ghost Rider
Vessel 51228 Wind Spirits
Vessel 52519
Vessel 53348 Wooly Bully
Vessel 54945 Crivens
Vessel 60819 VNO
Vessel 60839
Vessel B 14 Glider
Vessel H 56
Start of Race
Start Boat
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