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Great Voyage to Lake Michigan

Well we are on our way. For those of you who are not aware of this adventure, I and my friend Jay are moving my boat, Blue Yonder III from Chester, Maryland, on Chesapeake Bay to Muskegon, Michigan, on Lake Michigan. 1500 miles by water, 30 to 45 days depending on weather clonditions, etc. The route is North in Chesapeake Bay to D & C canal to Deleware River through Delaware Bay to Cape May, New Jersey. Then up Jersey coast to New York harbor, past Statue of Liberty, up Hudson River to Erie Canal. Erie Canal to Otswego Canal to Lake Ontario.  Cross Lake Ontario north to Trent-Severn Canal in Canada. T-S Canal to Georgian Bay, to Lake Huron, back in USA, through Straights of Mackinac to Lake Michigan, turn left (south) to Muskegon. There you have it (this great interactive map will show you the route).

Launched Blue Yonder III made a few tweaks and left Islandview Marina in Chester Maryland on Friday, June 1, 2018. First night, June 1, anchored in Still Pond on Chesapeake Bay just South of the Sasafrass River. Supposed to be thunder storms but bypassed us. Although rain and thunder storms were forecast for Saturday and Sunday, Saturday morning, June 2, was clear and the currents were in our favor so we left Still Pond and made our way to C & D canal on which we voyaged to Delaware River. Weather continued to be favorable, our radar showed no rain for at least 20 miles and with current in our favor we continued on Delaware River, Delaware Bay to Cape May, New Jersey. Arrived at Cape May and anchored in Cape May Harbor for the night about 6.00 pm. So we are blessed with good weather so far, for those who know and care, Delaware River and Bay were calm as glass; a very rare event indeed. 

Blue Yonder III ready to go!

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